What is Cute Kitsune Club?

Cute characters
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Emulating the spirit of the ever popular Japanese mascots, the "Cute Kitsune Club" aims to represent, with the help of kawaii and colorful characters, a multitude of facets of Japanese conventions's culture and its visitors.

The "Kitsune" characters, all having humanoid fox traits, represent otakus, cosplayers, fan of traditional Japan, gamers, etc. They have their own tastes, their own dress code (some referring to Japanese fashions, Lolita, Fairy Key, etc.) and their own personality. Get to know them all on our page!

Each mascot will find their audience, because whatever their style is, visitors will find a character who represents them!

The goodies

Designed with love

From sketch to final product, everything is designed by "Cute Kitsune Club". Currently, we offer postcards, keychains, pins, sticker sheets, button badges and pouches.

We will soon extend our merchandise range with new products and of course everything will be available with all our characters! Feel free to send us your suggestions through social medias.

Our characters

Meet the Kitsunes

Jun, hardcore gamer

Jun Jun is a video games fan, so much so that he sometimes forgets to sleep... no console has any secret for him and his ultimate goal is to unlock 100% of the achievements of his favorite video game sagas.
In convention, he queues early in the morning to be the first to test the newest games and hope to win tournaments!

Natsuki, folklore fan

Natsuki Natsuki knows all aspects of traditional Japan on her fingertips. She signed up for all the activities she could find; Taiko, Kabuki, Ikebana or Kendo. She wants to do everything!
In convention, she attends conferences and likes to support the mascots of different prefectures, especially Shinjo-kun!

Kyou, ramen expert

Kyou Kyou is an irredeemable glutton. A real fan of gastronomy, he is passionate about every Japanese dishes. Nothing stops him, and he is always ready to test the lastest drinks and candies he can find... even natto flavoured ones!
In convention, he sneaks to the food stalls and orders onigiris galore!

Momoko, 100% kawaii

Momoko Momoko loves Japanese fashion, more specifically the ones originating from Harajuku. She loves anything colorful and cute, therefore she oscillates between Lolita, Fairy Kei and Decora styles.
In convention, she likes to watch indie designers's fashion shows and visit their stand to find new accessories.

Miki, master cosplayer

Miki Miki's passion is cosplay! He likes to disguise himself as his favorite video game, TV show or manga characters. He spends months making clothes and accessories so that everything is perfect when convention day comes.
In convention, he poses for photos for visitors and participates in cosplay contests.

Akane, karaoke pro

Akane Akane is the definition of Otaku. Unbeatable on manga and anime trivia, whatever the genre, she is able to sing all the intro songs without mistaking once in the lyrics.
In convention, she mostly comes for autograph sessions and concerts and often hangs in the artist alleys in search of fanarts.

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